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Customer Relationship Management System
Software Applications: CRM | Cloud Migration | Django | Python | APIs | Microsoft PowerBI Embed

Carrick Wealth are one of the leaders in wealth and capital management in Africa with offices all over the continent. They are experienced financial advisers who understand the importance of wealth and believe that no one is better placed than Carrick to help grow, protect and preserve client wealth.

Their slogan Integrated Wealth Management, best describes the complex data processing achieved at Carrick. The Go Company supported and serviced Carrick Wealth by creating the Carrick Concierge client portal and the hugely important Finance and Investment Enterprise Resource Planning Platform. This dispensation involved interactive real-time reporting and complex data integrations into the major global finance and investment firms, such as Friends Provident International (FPI), Generali and RL360 just to name a few.

The end result is a real-time wealth management and investment analytics platform, presenting investment data, investment performance figures and similar metrics for clients as well as Carrick's total assets under management (AUM).

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  • Category: Finance & Operations Customer Relationship Management
  • Technology: Python | Django | MySQL | Amazon Web Services | Microsoft PowerBI | Microsoft PowerBI Embed | APIs | HTML | CSS | JavaScript
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As a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that does it all. Handling both internal and client facing aspects, accurate and real-time data even through to the document storage and processing which are crucial to any finance operation.

Reporting and real-time analytics, visually appealing dashboards, consolidating systems and processes are just some of the many features and draw cards of the system. From an operations standpoint it gives employees and management the vital means to fulfil operational timelines and measure compliance and business turn-around times.


Utilizing a hybrid cloud system hosted on Amazon Web Services, including Microsoft and third-party integrations, Django, Python as well as many supporting Python packages to automate and process data daily and even hourly.

This behemoth of a management system contains numerous moving parts and syncing of data-sources as well as client and employee document handling, client on-boarding, client off-boarding, compliance tracking and processing, return on investment analytics right through to business intelligence and visual client / management reporting.

  • Integrations and APIs (REST and SOAP APIs)
  • Django, Python, MySQL, Microsoft PowerBI
  • Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics
  • System upgrades, database migrations and data warehousing
  • Full stack development (JavaScript, CSS, HTML)
  • Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS)