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ERP Fleet Management System
Web Applications & Business Logistics: IoT | Analytics | Machine Learning | Full Stack Development

The flagship relationship for The Go Company has been the long-standing partnership with CuraFin Management Company. CuraFin is a company that creates, delivers and manages Owner-Driver Programmes using fleet and fuel management technology. Their focus is to enable drivers to create and manage their own business, providing high quality logistic services to clients.

From this partnership emerged GoMotion, the ERP software system that manages all aspects of the Owner-Driver program.

With nothing other than an idea to go on, The Go Company developed the entire system from scratch.

“The Go Company are top notch developers at a reasonable price, with analytics and cutting edge cloud development, you don't get better.” (10 / 10)

Brendan Nunan

Managing Director at CuraFin Management Company

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  • Category: Logistics & Banking
  • Technology: Amazon Web Services | Python | Django | MySQL | APIs | Microsoft PowerBI | Microsoft PowerBI Embed | IoT | Machine Learning | HTML | CSS | JavaScript
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Giving each Owner-Driver the power to run their business with the use of GoMotion, The Go Company has integrated with major banking institutions to ensure the movement of every cent can be accounted for.

With some of the biggest names in the logistics industry starting to pay attention to the power of GoMotion, we are sure the future is going to be very bright!


Incorporating smart IoT devices on vehicles, GoMotion is able to not only track everything from harsh braking to fuel consumption, but also uses machine learning to determine whether vehicles are being used for business or private reasons.

  • Linux, NGINX, UNIX
  • MySQL, Django, Python
  • Full stack development (JavaScript, CSS, HTML)
  • Fully managed infrastructure by The Go Company
  • Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS)