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Classic Car Africa are the online destination of choice for classic collector cars and classic car memorabilia auctions in South Africa, they have serviced the SA and international car community with the latest motoring articles and magazines for many years. Classic Car Africa are on a continuous revamp. They aim to keep their avid users returning for current motoring articles and to enhance the online car community experience with the latest and greatest that Classic Car Africa has to offer.

The Go Company are proud to have had the opportunity to build and maintain Classic Car Africa’s cloud-based content management system (CMS).

The solution we created for Classic Car Africa mirrored their brands tangible finesse. The Go Company committed themselves to maintaining the nostalgic feel of the website and it's memorable years gone by, naturally upholding the visually stunning material Classic Car Africa regularly produces. Building on top of a meticulous design brief, we created a world-class CMS and auction website with high-level appeal and scaling reliability.

Client feedback on the Content Management System (CMS)

“The team at the Go Company are very helpful and professional. They realised our vision for the Auction site very accurately.” (10 / 10)

Gareth Crossley

Owner of Classic Car Africa

Classic Car Africa logo - Content Management System (CMS)

Project Information

  • Category: Content Management System & Real-time Auction site
  • Technology: Python | Django Wagtail CMS | MySQL | Amazon Web Services | APIs | HTML | CSS | JavaScript
  • Website:
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We Migrated Classic Car Africa from their old Word Press CMS and still kept all the functionality. Document and tag handling, profile and user management, business content and image management are a few examples of the features.

The final result comprises of a full-house cloud based CMS and client facing sites, a revamped car site and brand new (real-time) auction site. These products grab hold of all users attention and keep them coming back for more.


A tailor made Django Wagtail CMS seemed an obvious choice for reliability and customization. Giving Classic Car Africa the Lamborghini in CMS was our driving force. Payment processing for potential buyers and bidders administered through an API integration. Solid systems always lead to an increase in productivity, which is certainly the case for Classic Car Africa.

  • Linux, NGINX, UNIX
  • MySQL, Django, Python
  • APIs and pay portal integration
  • Full stack development (JavaScript, CSS, HTML)
  • Fully managed infrastructure by The Go Company
  • Migrated to the cloud and hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS)