Clients | Past & Present

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Some of our past and present projects

Takealot Group

Takealot is South Africa's largest and fastest growing online retail company. Their mission is to be the most customer-centric online shopping destination in Africa, and has built a foundation on the simple concept that the customer comes first.


Go Motion

The flagship relationship for The Go Company has been the long standing partnership with CuraFin Management Company. CuraFin is a company that creates, delivers and manages Owner-Driver Programmes using fleet and fuel management technology.



In their efforts to modernize the digital footprint of the organization, Nal'ibali partnered with The Go Company to create a unique mobile application that employees could use to manage operational, financial and human resource tasks across the organization.


Jembi Health Systems

Our partnership with Jembi initially started when they approached us to assist with their MomConnect platform which is a cell-phone based health information initiative for pregnant women in South Africa. Since then we got involved with application development, quality assurance and testing, logging setup and routing of traffic to main-frames.


AliSom Communications

AliSom has won Vodacom's annual Excellence Incentives for the last 10 years running, as well as voted by FASA as the Best Franchise in the country across all industry sectors. The technology spectrum covered in this long-standing relationship is substantial and if it were to be summarised, the Click & Connect Platform would be the key highlight.


Crossley & Webb

The Go Company relished the opportunity to build a custom CMS platform for Crossley & Webb. We continue to maintain their systems, encapsulating both a car sales and auction site. We created all the functionality needed for a client facing car sales site including a user friendly and very efficient Auction bidding site.


Go Solutions

Since 2015, Go Solutions has been part of the Go Global Group, creating a collaborative base for developing products for the Group, its customers and businesses in general. Today, the company is a certified Microsoft Partner with a team of 30 developers, consultants and support staff.


Carrick Wealth

Carrick are one of the leaders in wealth and capital management in Africa with offices all over the continent. The Go Company assisted Carrick by creating and maintaining a full customer relationship management (CRM) system. Thereby helping to grow, protect and preserve their client's wealth.

Read more... are a global name and the foremost African safari and African accommodation booking website. The brand requires immediate and intimate communication on all correspondence through their site to not only uphold their title as the premium African accommodation provider but to ensure their loyal customers return again and again.


Classic Car Africa

The Go Company sprang at the opportunity to build a custom content management system (CMS) for Classic Car Africa. We continue to maintain their systems, encapsulating a CMS along the lines of a digital magazine, including car memorabilia sales and auction site. We created all the functionality needed of a client facing CMS and car sales site with a bolted on, user friendly and very efficient Auction bidding site.



The Go Company teamed up with Kazang to produce a bespoke Fin. Tech. E-Commerce web application. Kazang consistently enhance their brand, tools, product and service offerings, their success reveals an agility in meeting existing and future customer' demands. The Go Company are proud to be Kazang's software and cloud implementation partner and we are honoured to assist in empowering end-users and entrepreneurs in the formal and informal sectors.