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Since 2015, Go Solutions has been part of the Go Global Group, creating a collaborative base for developing products for the Group, its customers and businesses in general. Today, the company is a certified Microsoft Partner with a team of 30 developers, consultants and support staff.

The Go Company began work for Go Solutions in mid-2019 as Microsoft PowerBI consultants and implementors. Providing the implementation and optimizations necessary for real-time interactive reporting. The Go Company used a hybrid cloud model to create interactive dashboards that were embedded into their client web application.

“The Go Company helped us tremendously by helping us to understand what is possible using cloud technologies. They helped us understand the value of the data we hold and how it can be applied, for ourselves and for our customers. I would recommend that you chat to them, they will help make your business better.” (10 / 10)

Graham Paterson

Managing Director at Go Solutions

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  • Category: Logistics
  • Technology: Python | SQL | Microsoft PowerBI Embed | Microsoft PowerBI | Cloud Services | Azure Integrations | Data Gateways
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For a global logistics company, timely as well as accurate reporting and metrics are paramount. These efficiencies have now been achieved at scale. Due to The Go Company’s expert knowledge in data-processing it placed them as important partners in the group’s future internal application development.


As business analysts incorporating SQL reporting and business intelligence, we guided Go Solutions in Microsoft PowerBI best practices. Updating existing PowerBI reports to appealing interactive dashboards.

It comes as no surprise to say that future development between Go Solutions and The Go Company is just getting started. As a company we eagerly await the next phase of our partnership and to building amazing world-class solutions.

  • Data-source Optimizations and Integrations
  • Microsoft PowerBI, Microsoft PowerBI Embed & gateways
  • Business Analytics
  • Interactive, real-time reporting