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Kazang is a leader in prepaid value-added services (VAS) in southern Africa and part of the Connect Group of companies. The focus is on helping shop owners, traders and other entrepreneurs, in both the informal and formal sectors, to increase sales, profits, and grow their businesses.

The Go Company assisted Kazang with the development of a unique web application to allow their clients to gain insights into their own Kazang transactional data. Processing millions of transctions a day, the bespoke solution extracts data from the Kazang environment and transforms it into easy to understand visualizations in the application. This has given Kazang clients the ability to track their sales, products, supplier payments and much more, through an easy to use web application.

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Project Information

  • Category: Financial Technologies (E-Commerce) Platforms
  • Technology: Python | Django | MySQL | Amazon Web Services (AWS) | PowerBI | APIs | HTML | CSS | JavaScript
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A unique web application that caters for four different client types and results in each client type having their own unique set of visualisations, functionality and experience within the web application.


Includes a focus on cloud based Big Data Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) processes, as well as API integrations.

  • Linux, NGINX, UNIX
  • MySQL, Django, Python
  • Full stack development (JavaScript, CSS, HTML)
  • PowerBI Dashboards and Reporting
  • Fully managed infrastructure by The Go Company
  • Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS)