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Human Resource Management System
Web Applications: Cloud Migration | Django | Python | APIs

Takealot is South Africa's largest and fastest growing online retail company. Their mission is to be the most customer-centric online shopping destination in Africa, and has built a foundation on the simple concept that the customer comes first.

The partnership with the Takealot Group started with an idea to create a unique system that would not only assist with internal processes, but also result in greater employee engagement which is critical for retaining the best talent. The result was the development of a one of a kind Human Resources Information System (HRIS).

The system oversees all areas relating to internal human resource operations including: talent on-boarding and off-boarding, employee benefits, training and development, internal messaging and reporting, and payroll integration to name a few. We are also proud in having migrated the on-premise solution to a secure cloud-based solution.

Client feedback on the Human Resource Management System

“The Go Company have given us excellent service every step of the way.
I must say the HR system you guys built for us is amazing software and you guys are definitely integral partners in the future of our intranet development.” (10 / 10)

Bailey Kropman

Head of OD and Talent Management at the Takealot Group

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Project Information

  • Category: Human Resource & Operations
  • Technology: Python | Django | MySQL | APIs | Amazon Web Services | HTML | CSS | JavaScript
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Reporting and real-time analytics, visually appealing dashboards, consolidating systems and processes among a host of other features and draw cards.

An Enterprise resource planning system was born from the bellies of our planners that would give Takealot employees a friendly interface. One which communicates and enables daily activities on all human resource related capabilities. The HRIS is built and maintained with professional pride by The Go Company.

Takealot management and users are thrilled to have a system that speaks to their roles and responsibilities. Giving back more time to employees so that they can focus on what’s important and not get held back by internal admin.


Through our proven experience with the Django Python framework we were tasked with updating Django and Python to their latest versions. From there development blossomed into additional applications and features, moulding into a pivotal internal Enterprise Resource Planning system or Human Resource Information System (HRIS). Various features have been implemented like messaging and real-time information displays, document handling, "gamification" and asset processing to name a few.

The HRIS required numerous third party integrations with a strong focus on APIs (SOAP and REST). Information in the system was developed with user friendly and attractive views, whilst always ensuring efficiency and security. This was strengthened further since migrating the data and infrastructure onto Amazon Web Services.

  • Google APIs, REST and SOAP APIs
  • Django, Python, MySQL
  • Full stack development (JavaScript, CSS, HTML)
  • Fully managed infrastructure by The Go Company
  • Migrated to the cloud and hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS)